Latest Suyu Firmware v18.0.0 Download: Install Firmware in Suyu Emulator

Playing games on the Suyu emulator is very enjoyable, but when you play some high graphics Nintendo Switch games like Resident Evil 6, etc., they may lag or crash while playing. So to fix this problem you need firmware.

Here I provide you latest Suyu Firmware 18.0.0 download file, you can use it and install it directly into your emulator. You can also use it for other emulators like Yuzu, Ryujinx etc., it works for them also.

In many cases Suyu doesn’t ask for firmware it, does all its work using GUI files and Prod.keys, but, in some game, it needs firmware to let the game crash while playing. I advised you to use the latest version of firmware for Suyu app.

Suyu Firmware V18.0.0 Download

This is the latest version Firmware file for Suyu Emulator. It Works properly in every phone and other emulators too. The direct link can download the file into your phone and follow our given guide below to install it in the app.

VersionFirmware 18.0.0
File Size323.60MB

How To Install Firmware in Suyu Emulator

Here, You follow the guide step by step to install firmware:

  • First, You download the latest version of Suyu Emulator onto your phone and the latest firmware file is given above;
  • After that open the app and click on “Settings” icon;
  • In settings, You find and open “Manage Suyu Data” option to install file;
  • In the Manage Suyu Data option, You click on the option called “Install Firmware”;
  • Here, Find the downloaded Firmware file and click on it to install;
Firmware Suyu app
Install Firmware Suyu
  • Here, you see successful confirmation of the installed firmware file;
  • Now, Go to settings again and open “Applet Launcher” in the app;
check Firmware in Suyu Emulator
  • In Applet Launcher, Open “Qlaunch” to open screen;
  • In Qlaunch you see a new screen and some options with controlled key positions.
qlaunch Suyu Firmware
  • Now, you can run big and high-graphics Switch games properly.

Older Global Firmware’s

VersionFile SizeLinks
Firmware 17.0.1325MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 17.0.0323MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 16.1.0325MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 16.0.3325MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 16.0.1325MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 16.0.0325MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 15.0.1 (Rebootless Update)322MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 3)320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 2)320MBDOWNLOAD

You can fix the Rujinx error called “Ryujinx Error ryu 0002 Firmware Not Found” using this firmware file in it. Some other emulators also require these firmware files for Nintendo Switch games. You can download Global Firmware version to install in any country you live.

That’s all about the Suyu Firmware file. If you have any questions regarding this file and you face any issues in your app while installing this then comment below, Message Encryption Keys are missing just ignore it.

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