Suyu is an emulator who wants to play Nintendo Switch games on their Android or iOS devices. Suyu is a non-profit Switch emulator which driven by its C++ foundation, prioritizing compatibility. It totally free and open-source application. We made the site to provide Suyu Emulator APK to every gamer in the world.

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About the Suyu Emulator App

Suyu emulator is a non-profitable app that lets you play Nintendo Switch games on Android smartphones. Nintendo Switch games are very popular and everyone wants to play these games on their phones where this game helps you to emulate games on Android phones.

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Suyu is crafted by the community and for the community. This tagline says many things about the emulator and its future. The aim of this app is that everyone gets to play the game for free and with good graphics.

This emulator has multiple features like game support, bios setup, control setup, gamepad support and much more you see in the app. You can separately add a graphics driver for this Suyu app which increases the emulator performance, graphics and also FPS in the game.

About Suyu Emulator App

App NameSuyu Emulator
Android OSAndroid 11+
Open GL
Gamepad SupportYes

Features of the Suyu Emulator App

Better Graphics

The graphics of this emulator are better than other emulators, and this app does not demand any extra files to run the game. Besides, the app takes less space in storage but gives very good FPS. Texture of switch game on this emulator is feel like console on your mobile.

Gamepad Support

Apart from some Android emulators, this Suyu app supports external game controllers like PS4 controllers, Xbox controllers and some others like. You just connect it using your phone Bluetooth and set it up in the game to use any gamepad.

Portable Gaming

It is capable of doing portable gaming. You can play more types of games on your phone than the games you would play on a high-end PC or a bigger console, that too on a better screen and with better graphics.

Customize Control

You can also customize the keymap to play the game so that it becomes easier for you to play the game, some people have problems. So they do some customization in it. So, that they have good finger moments and can move quickly in the game.

GPU Driver Manager

You can add an upgraded GPU driver in the app, when you add the updated Qualcomm Vulkan latest driver. After, the game works more efficiently than before.

Use Of Suyu Emulator in Smartphone

Many of us have a habit of playing old games and we do not have any means to play them. For this reason, we use such apps so that we can play those old games also on our phones. Wherever it is, it makes playing the game easy and fun. Now if you want to play any game on Nintendo Switch, this emulator can run all those games easily and you will also enjoy it. Although many emulators are available in the market, there is no other like this one.

Why I Use Suyu Emulator

If you like Nintendo games or you want to play something different, then you should definitely use this emulator. Because this app helps a lot and is good to run Nintendo games and play them on mobile.

Suyu Emulator Hardware Requirement

To run this app you need decent powerful Android device like a quad-core processor, 4GB+ RAM and Android OS 8.0+ which is the minimum to this app. If you have a higher processor and RAM than you get good graphics, better gameplay and higher FPS.

  • Operating System: Android 8.0+
  • Processor: Quad Core 2.8 GHz+
  • RAM: at least 4GB
  • Space: 40MB

How to install Suyu emulator?

Follow all the steps given below to download and Install Suyu APK for Android:

  • Open Google, Search;
  • Click and wait for the site to open;
  • Then, Tap on the “Download” button that appears above;
  • Wait till the given file downloads to your phone;
  • Now open and permit to install the app;
  • Once Suyu APK install open it;
  • Now, it asks for prod.keys to set up the emulator and firmware file, So add them;
  • Finally it is ready to use, you add any Switch game and Play.

How to Add game in Suyu Emulator

To add game to Suyu Emulator you first follow these given steps:

  • First, get the ROM file of the game and make a folder in your storage where you store game file;
  • Now open Suyu app and go to settings;
  • In settings click on Manage Game Folders;
  • Here, click on “+” symbol and navigate to the folder where you store the app;
  • Here, click on Use this folder;
  • After choosing, Suyu detects the game and adds it to the library;
  • After that go to home of the app where you see games that you added before in the storage;
  • Now, click on the game and start playing it.


Is Suyu free?
Yes, You can use it for free and it is an open-source app for Android.

Is Suyu safe?
After using it for a long time, this app is safe, many users use this app and all say, it works properly on their smartphones and they never face any issues.

Can I use Suyu app on Mobile?
Yes, You can use it on any Android smartphone which has decent hardware to run this app.

Can I run all Nintendo Switch games in Suyu?
Yeah, you can run almost all Nintendo Switch games in this app, and with good FPS rate.

Is Suyu legal to use?
Yes, the Suyu emulator is legal to use and you do not violate and legal terms and policies. You just do not share and download any copyrighted ROMs without permission. If you still want to use ROM then find some legit ways to download the Switch ROMs.